It is with my deepest feelings that I share my sympathy to the victims and their families who have been injured or loss their lives in this tragic event in Boston. These are times that open us to grief, shake our inner most insecurities, raise our fears and apprehensions. These are times we ask the question, “Why?” and have no answers. It makes us wonder how safe we are in this world.

These are times to reach out, talk to others, support each other, listen and ask how we can help our community. This is when we allow our children to share their concerns. This is when we can support each other with something that no one can ever take away — our dignity and compassion.

For some who already struggle with painful insecurities, or are victims of child abuse and trauma, these situations trigger past traumas. Their own traumatic experiences can resurface and they may find themselves more anxious and/or depressed. If they are already seeking help then that is good. If not, then these are not times to be alone with this suffering but to seek the support of friends and families and if need be, with professionals.

The SAMHSA web site ( provides proper support and guidance to families and children on all topics having to do with Trauma and Disasters.