Having 24/7 connectivity means the same 24/7 opportunity to find things to worry about. Knowing what is happening everywhere all the time can make it difficult to focus on what is happening right now right in front of us. Mindfulness meditation is about settling the mind, and learning how to focus, not about clearing the mind. It’s not about switching off all the thoughts going through your head, but about letting the thoughts pass right on through, achieving a greater sense of balance and control.


Below is a short Meditation to help bring you back to Mindfulness.

Become aware of your posture.

If you’re in a sitting position make sure that you are sitting up straight (your spine is straight, but not stiff). Your head should be balanced (shoulders relaxed and dropped). The very act of changing your posture as you prepare to do this meditation signals to your body the intention to take control.

Now follow these three steps:

1 – Notice what’s going on in your mind and body right now. Notice any thoughts, feelings, or emotions you are having. What do you feel? Do you feel a pull to alter something you are thinking about? Try to allow it to remain as is.

2 – Notice your breath. By concentrating on the sensations of the breath coming in and out of the body you are shifting your focus to the sensations in the abdomen. Try putting your hand on the abdomen and notice the rising of the breath in. And the breath out. Notice the sensation of breathing in. And breathing out. Don’t try to control it. Allow the breath to do the breathing for you. If the mind moves off of the breath, bring it back to the sensations of the breath in. And the breath out.

3. Now, begin to consider the sensations of the whole body. The surface of your skin. Deep inside. As the whole body breaths in. And out. Allow the sensations in the body to be exactly as they are. This is your body.

When you are ready, wiggle your fingers. Your toes. If your eyes are closed, open them. Take in your surroundings. Come out of the mediation and return to the moment.

Be in every moment of your day!