Michael’s Commitment to You

I will provide you with a safe, confidential and supportive space where you can explore your life, behaviors and emotions with acceptance and without judgment.

I will tailor the treatment to the individual or couple – each of which is unique in their life journey and struggles – choosing the approach best suited to bringing about the change and outcome you are seeking.

I will work collaboratively with you and offer guidance to assist you in accessing your own inner wisdom to heal yourself and transform your life.

Psychotherapy Treatment Philosophy

In my 25 years of experience in providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families I have witnessed, time and time again, the intrinsic ability each person has for healing and transformation that can be activated and supported through therapy. Recognition of this truth shapes my psychotherapy treatment philosophy.

My work is to assist you in this process, utilizing my advanced training in a variety of effective therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness therapy, to design and carry out a treatment plan to meet the specific needs of each client – individual, couple or family.

An Active, Collaborative Approach

I take an active role in the therapeutic process, which begins with discussion, exploration and clarification of your concerns in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment. In doing so, we look at habits and reactions to life – particularly emotions, thoughts, perceptions, reasoning, judgment and beliefs – in relation to one’s self and others. Through this ongoing dialog, to which I bring both active listening and acceptance, trust is built between therapist and client. In this atmosphere of trust, a supportive space is created where I can call upon therapeutic approaches, offer new perspectives, and provide professional guidance.

In this environment clients can acknowledge unproductive life patterns with clarity and compassionate awareness, free themselves from the grip of distorted beliefs and destructive emotions, and access their inherent capacity for wisdom, growth and change.

Therapy Customized to Each Individual

Throughout this process, I draw on my training in many effective modes of therapy – from Gestalt Therapy, cognitive/behavioral strategies, Client-Centered perspectives, commitment/acceptance-based approaches, and psychodynamic psychologies, as well as Eastern mindfulness practices and stress reduction techniques — to customize my approach to each individual’s needs. The result of this guidance is the activation of the individual’s own capacity for healing, change and transformation.

For more information on my psychotherapy treatment philosophy and approach to therapy

please check out Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Integrative Psychotherapy and Mindfulness sections of this site, or contact me.