Mindfulness Based Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Therapy (sometimes referred to as Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy) is an evidence-based therapy model that incorporates time-tested Mindfulness Meditation Practices with classical talk therapy in a way that effectively brings out a person’s own inner resources for self-healing and change. It has been proven effective in treating a variety of concerns including anxiety, depression and dramatic mood swings (emotional dysregulation).

This meditation therapy model is psychodynamic in the sense that it allows a person to more clearly and compassionately see and understand the causes and conditions leading to emotional pain and suffering. It is cognitive behavioral in that it actively works on changing unhealthy thoughts and unskillful actions. It also cultivates the skills of Mindfulness and the active acceptance to all experience.

This therapy is carried out through individual Mindfulness-Based Therapy sessions along with 8-10 separate sessions (each approximately 1.25 hours long) devoted to learning and practicing Mindfulness Meditation Practices. Please contact me with your questions and for an initial consultation and assessment of needs.

Choosing Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Individuals come to Mindfulness-Based Therapy for a variety of reasons. Some individuals choose this type of therapy for stress reduction and to increase their sense of physical and mental well-being. Some are looking for a way to disentangle the emotional difficulties in their lives, to relieve their emotional suffering and pain. Some people may have an already established meditation and spiritual practice and come to identify and remove the emotional knots and confusion that may be inhibiting that practice.

Others find, through discussion with me or other therapists, that the philosophy behind this therapy is compatible with their philosophy of life or current therapeutic needs. Whatever the reason, this therapy model can be useful and successful in helping you make the changes you desire. For more information, see About Mindfulness.