The best way to handle your feelings is not to “handle” them but to feel them.

– James E. Miller

Addiction Therapy

Addictions are a very painful form of emotional and physical suffering that can lead people into having profound feelings of shame and guilt and an unyielding sense of inadequacy and failure. The individual may have tried innumerable times on their own to stop the compulsive and driven pressures occurring in their addictions only to find discouragement and feelings of failure when addictive behaviors relentlessly continue. One often finds that relationships and jobs may deteriorate or even be lost from the preoccupation with the addiction, and legal problems may occur.

Types of Addiction

Whether the addiction is to prescription medication, drugs, alcohol, gambling, spending, Internet pornography, or other behaviors, professional help is often required before one can end the addictive behaviors.

Addiction Therapy Helps

If you or a loved one finds they are suffering from an addiction, addiction therapy can truly help. Even if someone has sought professional help in the past, only to return to the addiction with an increased sense of inadequacy and failure, they should not give up on therapy. I stand ready to help you break the bonds of addiction and encourage you to contact me for a consultation.

I can offer professional assessment and evaluation; a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment within which trust can develop; plus effective strategies to move toward change and recovery. I am also prepared to co-counsel individuals who choose to be involved in a 12-step program.