Integrative Psychotherapy

In Michael Mruz’s continued endeavor to help and guide his patients, he embraces the Integrative Psychotherapy approach. In short, Integrative Psychotherapy is a “big picture” approach which seeks to bring together the therapeutic elements from the different schools of psychotherapy into the process of positive and wholesome change for the patient.

The Integrative Psychotherapy approach also embraces and affirms the client’s inherent values and their own inner healing ability. It is a unifying and balancing of the patient at the affective, behavioral, cognitive and physiological levels of functioning, as well as the spiritual dimensions of life.

Techniques for Integrative Psychotherapy

Using this technique Michael Mruz integrates all facets of the personality by:

  • Taking disowned, unresolved or unaware aspects of the self and making them part of a cohesive personality
  • Reducing the use of defense mechanisms that stymie spontaneity and limit flexibility in problem solving, self-care, health maintenance and human relations
  • Re-engaging the world with full and rich connection

In the end, patients are able to attain a more positive state of being. They also are able to face each moment openly and honestly without the protection of preformed opinions, positions, attitudes or expectations.

Michael Mruz’s Integrative Psychotherapy

Michael Mruz’s Integrative Psychotherapy approach takes into account many theories and approaches to healing and recovery. This integration is all in the effort to heal from afflictive and debilitating emotions, psychological struggles and conditions. These approaches include:

Why are these important? Because each provides vital input to our behavior. And each is enhanced when carefully integrated with other aspects of the therapist’s approach.

Goals of Integrative Psychotherapy

In some cases, one theory or approach can be used to promote healing. Since this is not always the case, Michael Mruz’s Integrative Psychotherapy model effectively brings therapeutic elements from the other approaches to meet the needs of the patient and to promote change and healing. In general, the treatment is to circumvent those misinformed self-protective defenses that interfere with healing by using the approach that “fits” the patient.

The goal of Michael Mruz’s Integrative Psychotherapy approach is to bring about a genuine sense of wholeness and well being. This means empowering a person to live a rich and meaningful life – and according to his or her own values.