Your children need you presence more than your presents.

– Jesse Jackson

Adolescent & Child Therapy

Parents often have concerns about their children’s well being. Sometimes they request a therapy session simply to determine if they are “getting it right” in their parenting, if their children are developing well, and if there is more to do as a parent to foster an emotionally healthy child.

Issues to Address in Adolescent & Child Therapy

Other parents have more defined issues. They may be in conflict with their children or have observed their children in conflict with others. They may have seen their children struggling with life or school or behaving in self-destructive ways. Children may also have problems adjusting to adoption, divorce, school transition, or loss. Often, children cannot tell you what is wrong so they exhibit unusual or inappropriate behavior.

Warning Signs for Adolescent & Child Therapy

If your child exhibits signs of anxiety, depression, poor concentration or attention, impulsive or hyperactive behavior, anger or aggression, or any other behavior or expressions that are causing you concern, please contact me for a consultation. As a child and teen therapist, I have years of experience helping children work through problems using play therapy, individual and family counseling sessions.

For additional information on mental health issues of adolescents and children, I recommend the “Information on Child and Adolescent Mental Health” section of the National Institute of Mental Health Website, or the Website of The Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.