States of mind are not the predictions of the future. In developing inner safety with self compassion and acceptance one embraces the fears with courage which opens the heart to change.

– Michael G. Mruz

Depression Therapy

We all feel sad or “down” occasionally, however, if someone feels sad all or most of the time, has a loss of interest in their favorite activities of life, feels worthless or guilty for no reason, feels life is empty and meaningless, he or she may be in the midst of a serious depression. A good rule of thumb is that, if someone feels this way every day for two weeks, it’s time to call a therapist.

Signs of Depression

Major Depression can block your sense of pleasure and joy in life, cause hopelessness, gloom, guilt, lack of energy, and mood swings. It is more than a passing mood, and someone cannot just “snap out of it.”

Types of Depression

A therapist can properly evaluate someone to determine if they are suffering from major depression or Low-Grade Depression (Dysthymia), whether the depression may be recurrent or may be part of a Bipolar Disorder, and how it can be helped by therapy and/or medication.

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