Michael Mruz is a Licensed Clinical Psychiatric Social Worker/Psychotherapist in both New York and New Jersey, with a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University and extensive advance trainings and certifications in a variety of evidenced based psychotherapeutic approaches including the integration of Eastern and Western Mindfulness practices into treatment.


Michael Mruz’s philosophy is that each person has an intrinsic ability for healing and transformation that can be activated and supported through therapy. He draws on many effective therapeutic modalities to design a treatment approach for each client.

Michael Mruz takes an active role in the therapeutic process, which begins with discussion, exploration and clarification of your concerns in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment.

As an atmosphere of trust and understanding builds between therapist and client, a supportive space is created where unproductive life patterns can be acknowledged with compassionate awareness and clients are guided to access their own capacity for wisdom, growth and change.