Childhood / Adolescent Depression – Parent Info

Causes of Childhood / Adolescent Depression

The precise cause of Depression and other mood disorders is not known – a fact that can be frustrating for parents. However, Depression has been linked to genetics and environmental factors. The most common factors associated with Major Depression in children and adolescents include:

  • A family history of Depression
  • Their parents’ divorce
  • Excessive stress
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Physical or emotional trauma
  • The loss of a parent, caregiver or other loved one
  • The end of a close relationship
  • Chronic illness
  • A failure to accomplish tasks or keep up with peers in activities
  • Other developmental, learning or conduct disorders
  • Other psychiatric disorders

Biological, Psychological and Environmental Factors In Childhood / Adolescent Depression

  • Biologically, Depression is thought to be caused by a difference in the structure and function of your child’s brain that controls the intensity of sad or irritable moods. If other members of your family have had Depression, your child is more likely to develop it, too.
  • Psychologically, children have different temperaments. Two siblings can be raised in the same environment, and one may suffer from Depression and the other may be relentlessly upbeat and cheerful.
  • Environmentally, stress at home, school or in social venues can contribute to Depression. Your child may experience Depression if he or she feels unhappy in his or her environment and, significantly, feels powerless to change it.

No matter what the underlying cause of your child’s depression, Michael Mruz knows how difficult and painful it can be on your child and your family. Fortunately, it can be treated with time and effort.

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