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Clinical and Supervisory Experience

In addition to his private practice, Michael Mruz has held clinical and supervisory positions at hospitals and treatment facilities in New York. He served as Director of Provider Relation, Clinical Supervisor, and Director of the Utilization Review Committee at the Center for Behavioral Therapy, White Plains, NY; as a Family Therapist at the Pleasantville Child Guidance Center, Pleasantville, New York; a Clinical Consultant for Paul Sherman & Associates, an executive healthcare management consulting firm in Rye, New York; Unit Supervisor and Clinician at the Phelps Hospital Mental Health Center, Tarrytown, NY; Supervisor and Clinical Director of the Short Stay Program, an inpatient substance abuse program at the Lower East Side Services Center in Manhattan, as well as their Crack and Cocaine Treatment Program Coordinator; Deputy Director, Clinical Supervisor and Clinician for the Psychiatric Services Center, a mental health clinic for children and adults and a substance abuse program, White Plains, NY.

He has also served as a field supervisor of graduate students at Iona College’s Graduate School in Counseling, New York University’s School of Nursing and Vocational Rehabilitation, and Columbia University’s School of Social Work.